Mesa Nómada + Ubuntu

Mesa Nómada + Ubuntu


Mesa Nómada + Ubuntu



July 17, 208

Casa Mezcal, New York, NY.

This dinner experience was a collaborative project between Mesa Nómada + Ubuntu + Casa Mezcal NY.

The theme of this edition was Oaxaca & Chiapas.

Experience documentes by Inna Shnayder.



"a nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people." -Mahatma Gandhi

about mesa nómada

3 years ago, Emme Prieto founded MESA NÓMADA, Mexico City’s well-known pop-up dining experience with the aim of diversifying culinary experiences, creating something new and memorable for all guests that experience it.

Mesa Nómada (standing for Nomadic Table) is the creation of an artistic and technological community that collaborates within a culinary environment. It generates sensory value, promotes creativity and opens to honest conversations.

The experience has been created in Mexico City, Tulum, London, Ibiza and now we're bringing it to our New York community.

thank you

* Casa Mezcal —  for hosting us and for the start of a beautiful path together.

* Emme, Gio and Nacho —  for a spectacular food creation.

* Antonia, Marta, Kytzia and Yoyo —  for setting up ambience and service.

* Inna —  for capturing and sharing the beautiful moments from the night. 

* Gen —  for documenting our latest travel to Oaxaca+Chiapas and sharing the stories of our artisans.  

* Universe —  for allowing the circumstances and synchronicities to create this.